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God’s love calls us to respond to the needs of our faith family and those beyond our walls. Caring and doing keeps us healthy and alive in Christ. Showing love in practical ways makes all the difference.

The Parish Life Committee organizes a number of special fellowship events during the year. This active group involves all ages and great food is obligatory. Favorite events include the Welcome Back Fall Picnic, Jazz Night, the Winter Chili Cook-off, Bowling Night, Mardi Gras Celebration, Lenten Suppers, the annual Community Fair, Phillies Night and the End of the Year Picnic.

Parish Breakfasts
occur on the first Sunday of October, November, December, January, March and April. Friends come together in Bolingbroke between services beginning at 8:30am to relax around a table and enjoy each other and a delicious breakfast.  If you are interested in preparing breakfast for your fellow parishioners every month or just one month, please contact the church office at 610-688-4830.

Sunday Coffee Hour
follows the 10:00am celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Building friendships is our goal. Friends new and old linger, sip and share.

volunteers provide pastoral care for those in special need. We deliver meals, provide transportation to appointments, make friendly visits and send cards full of good wishes. We are also committed to supporting each other through prayer. Just call the office. We would love to extend a helping hand.


Our Caring Community projects enable us to share God’s love with those beyond our walls. Each year we target new global projects. On-going local projects include:

· St. Barnabas Homeless Shelter and Food Bank in West Philadelphia 
· St. Martin’s annual coat drive for City Team Ministries in Chester 
· Christmas Dinner Drive for St. Barnabas
· The Dolphins of Delaware County nursing home visitation ministry
· Bryn Mawr Hospital Lay Chaplaincy
· Sunday School projects based on classroom topics and themes

··Humble Harvest Food Bank Garden

12 Step Groups
 Alcoholics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous meet at various times during the week. Please call the Office for times and locations.