St. Martin’s Church offers two formal music programs, in the Sunday School and through participation in the Chancel Choir.  There are also recurring unique possibilities for other participation in the musical life of the church.  An active musical program is very important in the life of a congregation, and in that congregation’s expression of worship.  As with much else in our church, we bring a sense of joy and possibility to our music program.

Music for Children
Martin’s Sunday School has an active music program that is an integral part of the Sunday School curriculum.  Children occasionally perform during church services, either as the Sunday School or as the Youth Choir.

The Chancel Choir
Singing in the choir is first and foremost a ministry of praise.  We lead the congregation in sung prayer, and help provide the musical context for worship.  And anyone can join us!  Right now we have a very dedicated, small group of people, but this experience is open to all parishioners who want to participate.  There are no auditions for the choir, although some ability to read music is helpful.  But if necessary, arrangements for special practice sessions can be made for those who need just that extra bit of help learning the music.

We know time is a critical factor for many.  The choir rehearses before church on Sunday morning at 9:00, between the services.  We warm up on the hymns, practice the anthem for that Sunday, and start learning those scheduled for the coming weeks.

Choral singing is a distinct ministry within a church service, but learning music to express specific moments of praise to God also is a powerful experience for the singers’ spiritual life.  If you are a dedicated attendee of the 8-o’clock service, you are still warmly invited to attend the rehearsals, conveniently scheduled between the services.

A clip about the benefits of choral singing from CBS News by Charles Osgood, can be found on You Tube

Other Opportunities to Participate
Another possible way of contributing to the church’s music is through instrumental music.  If you play the flute, trumpet, harp or cowbell and would be willing to consider playing occasionally as a soloist, in a duet with the organ and/or choir, or as part of an ensemble, talk to the organist/choir director or send a note to